Favorite Pet on a Bed Contest

Do you have a adorable pet?
Would you like to win $75 cash prize?
We will be picking 1 winner a month.
Take a photo with your pet on a bed email it to us at |
| Leave your Name and Number and a attached photo of any pet that’s yours on your bed
and we will be picking the winner at the end of the month



David Parsons' dog GUS


United & Holland Mattress Company

3 days 12 hours ago

Well, here comes thousands of students back in town again... just when I was able to find a parking place😄

Hey Everybody,
We just wanted to say congratulations to our July "Pet on a Bed" contest winner Ashley. Her dogs name are Brownie & Booger

Well...The 4th weekend is coming to the end. Hope everybody had a good time visiting with family and friends, we all had a great one with a little of everything....the new movie out from “Marvel” was
Make me Smile stuff..good to see my best friends and join up for some kick back relaxing at the local scenes. We didn’t have to get out of town to far to find what was appealing to our folks. Anyway, back to work Monday😀🎯

Well, hope everyone had a nice Holiday. July 4th is one of my personal favorites. The Hot Summer sale is still on-going. The best value price for the most quality components in the area... don’t forget to pick up a new “pet pad bed” for your favorite pet. Enter your pet best photo in our July contest send on in now and you just might win the prize this month💥🐾

United & Holland Mattress Company

United & Holland Mattress Company

1 month 3 weeks ago

United & Holland Mattress Company updated their profile picture.

United & Holland Mattress Company

1 month 4 weeks ago

Blast from the Past on Oak Street!

United & Holland Mattress Company

2 months 1 week ago

United & Holland Mattress Company

2 months 1 week ago

Hey Everybody,
Just stocked our pet bed pads there really great. Come by and snag one for your pet today...

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Denton, TX 76027

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