Mattress Maintenance & Care Instructions

The provisions of this warranty apply only to the original owner of the product. This warranty covers manufacturing defects of your United & Holland Mattress. If warranty service is required during the warranty period, United & Holland Mattress Company reserves the right to determine if the product is to be repaired or replaced. If you do need to schedule transportation of the product call ahead to make appointment and get rates in your area, or to save this expense please bring your product in for inspection during normal business hours to United & Holland Mattress Company, located at 5800 N. Interstate 35, Suite 501, Denton, Texas 76207. A copy of the original sales receipt must accompany the product for the warranty to be considered. Your warranty coverage starts from the original date of purchase. Repair or replacement of your bedding product does not extend its limited warranty or begin a new warranty period. Your warranty period is based on the model description which is shown on the law tag attached to the product. Mattresses that are dirty, stained or damaged are automatically voided from this warranty. Improper care, abuse or neglect of the product will invalidate this warranty. No other statements or warranty, expressed or implied, will be honored. We highly recommend the following turning and positioning steps to ensure your new mattress performs at its maximum durability and performance levels throughout the entire life of your new United & Holland Mattress. For the first six months or initial breaking- in period please apply once a month a routine maintenance  schedule of turning and positioning steps. Remember, just like buying a new set of tires for your vehicle, they must be rotated on schedule in order to wear properly and give you the best performance. Please follow the steps below on a regular basis after the breaking-in period.

Correct Rotation & Turning Steps

Step 1:For one side mattress designs, please rotate your mattress from head to foot every three months to maintain proper leveling and packing of the various surface padding and upholstery materials used for building your mattress. This is very important to balance the wear and use between difference weights and sleeping patterns that compress from your bodies weight.

Step 2: If your mattress is a traditional two sided design, be sure and use both sides by flipping your mattress over to use other side alternating between head to foot rotation (Step 1). In other words, try to use as much of the total sleeping surfaces of both sides by evenly distributing your body weight compression in each area of your mattress. We recommend purchasing a quality mattress protector that helps keep your mattress looking like new for many years.

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